• How to buy raincoat

    How to buy raincoat 1. Fabric There are generally 4 types of raincoat materials, each with its own advantages and disadvantages, which can be purchased according to actual conditions. Pay attention to distinguish whether the raincoat fabric is recycled material. The recycled material has peculiar...
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  • How to maintain the raincoat

    How to maintain the raincoat 1. Tape raincoat If your raincoat is a rubberized raincoat, you should put the used clothes in a cool and ventilated place immediately after use, and dry the raincoat. If there is dirt on your raincoat, you can put your raincoat on a flat table, and gently scrub with ...
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  • What should you pay attention to when buying children’s raincoats?

    We adults always carry an umbrella when traveling. The umbrella can not only shade, but also prevent rain. Easy to carry is one of the essential items for our travel, but sometimes it is not so convenient for children to hold an umbrella. It is necessary for children to wear a raincoat for childr...
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