What should you pay attention to when buying children’s raincoats?

We adults always carry an umbrella when traveling. The umbrella can not only shade, but also prevent rain. Easy to carry is one of the essential items for our travel, but sometimes it is not so convenient for children to hold an umbrella. It is necessary for children to wear a raincoat for children. There are many kinds of children’s raincoats on the market. What should we pay attention to when buying children’s raincoats? The following Foshan raincoat manufacturers will briefly tell you the matters needing attention when buying children’s raincoats!

1. The material of children’s raincoat
Generally speaking, children’s raincoats are made of PVC material, and better raincoats are made of PVC and nylon. No matter what material it is, we need to maintain it after purchase, so that the raincoat can last longer.

2. Children’s raincoat size
When buying children’s raincoats, we must pay attention to the size. Some parents may think that children’s raincoats should be larger so that they can wear them for a long time. In fact, children’s raincoats that are too large are not good, and will bring children to walking. Inconvenience, it is best for children to try on raincoats when buying raincoats so that they can buy a more fitting raincoat.

3. Is there any peculiar smell
Smell if there is a peculiar smell when buying children’s raincoats. Some unscrupulous businesses will use unqualified materials to make children’s raincoats. Such children’s raincoats will have a pungent smell. , Don’t buy if there is a strange smell.

Four, backpack raincoat
When buying a children’s raincoat, a raincoat with space for a schoolbag is left on the back. Children generally need to carry a schoolbag. Therefore, when buying a children’s raincoat, you should buy a raincoat with more space in the back.

Five, children’s raincoats are colorful
When buying raincoats for children, be sure to buy raincoats in bright colors, so that drivers and friends in the distance can see them and avoid traffic accidents.

Post time: Dec-08-2020