How to buy raincoat

How to buy raincoat

1. Fabric
There are generally 4 types of raincoat materials, each with its own advantages and disadvantages, which can be purchased according to actual conditions. Pay attention to distinguish whether the raincoat fabric is recycled material. The recycled material has peculiar smell, the glue and the cloth have poor composite strength, the glue is white, and it will wrinkle and peel off during use.

2. work
The workmanship of the raincoat is also very important. If the stitch length of the raincoat is too large, the stitch height is inconsistent, the sealing is not up to standard, and the anti-leakage treatment is not adopted, it is very easy to seep in the rain.

3. Style
Raincoat styles generally mean long one-piece raincoats, split raincoats and cape raincoats (poncho), one-piece (long) are easy to put on and take off but have poor waterproofness, split type is more waterproof, poncho is suitable for cycling (electric bicycles, bicycles) Wait).

4. Breathability
When purchasing raincoats, we must fully consider comfort and breathability. If the raincoat is only for rain protection, but not breathable, then when the body is sealed to cover the human body, the heat in the body cannot be exhausted, and the outside is cool and the inside is hot, forming water accumulation and wetting the lining of the raincoat.

5. Size
Raincoats are of different sizes, so consumers are advised to check the size table when buying raincoats. It is best to try them on. Try to buy larger ones so that they can be used even if you wear more winter clothes.

6. coating
The basic principle of raincoat waterproofing is fabric + coating. Common types of coatings include PVC (polyvinyl chloride), PU, ​​EVA, etc. Raincoats are easy to directly touch the skin. To avoid skin irritation, EVA coated raincoats are recommended.

7. colour
Nowadays, there are many colors of raincoats, and the styles are changeable, including British style, retro polka dot style, solid color, color, etc. You can consider clothing collocation and personal preference when buying raincoats.

Post time: Dec-08-2020