How to maintain the raincoat

How to maintain the raincoat

1. Tape raincoat
If your raincoat is a rubberized raincoat, you should put the used clothes in a cool and ventilated place immediately after use, and dry the raincoat. If there is dirt on your raincoat, you can put your raincoat on a flat table, and gently scrub with a soft brush dipped in some clean water to wash off the dirt on it. Remember the taped raincoat It cannot be rubbed with hands, let alone exposed to the sun, and cannot be burned on a fire, and it cannot be cleaned with those alkaline soaps. The purpose of this is to avoid raincoat aging. Or become brittle.

The tape raincoat cannot be put together with oil, and it should be stacked up when storing it. Don’t put heavy things on the raincoat, and don’t put it with hot things to prevent it from being pressed out on the raincoat. Folds, or cracks. Put some mothballs in the box of the rubberized raincoat to prevent the raincoat from sticking.

2. Rainproof cloth raincoat
If your raincoat is a raincoat, when the raincoat is wet from the rain, you can’t use your hands or a fur hat to bounce the rainwater on the raincoat, because doing so may damage the waterproof performance of the fibers in the raincoat.

Raincoats are not suitable for frequent washing. If you wash it frequently, it is likely that the waterproof performance of the raincoat will decrease. If you think your raincoat is too dirty, you can gently rub the raincoat with some clean water, then dry the washed raincoat, and hang it to dry. When the raincoat is completely dried, take an iron Just burn it. If you are going to put the raincoat away, you must let the clothes dry completely before folding them. This is to prevent the chemical reaction of the waxy substance in the raincoat due to moisture, which will make the raincoat mildew.

3. Plastic film raincoat
If your raincoat is a plastic film raincoat, when the raincoat gets wet, you should immediately wipe off the water on the raincoat with a dry cloth, or take the raincoat to a cool and dry place and dry it.

Plastic film raincoats cannot be exposed to the sun, let alone baked on a fire. If your raincoat is wrinkled and cannot be ironed with an iron, you can soak the raincoat in warm water at 70 to 80 degrees for one minute, then take it out and place it on a flat table. Use your Unfold the raincoat flatly with your hands. Don’t pull the raincoat hard to avoid deformation of the raincoat. If the plastic raincoat is used for a long time, it is easy to degummed or crack. If the tear on the raincoat is not too big, then You can choose to fix it yourself.

The repair method is: put a small piece of film where the raincoat is torn, and then put a piece of cellophane on top of the film. Then use an electric iron to quickly iron it so that the film can stick to the torn opening to complete the repair. When repairing raincoats, we must remember one thing: raincoats cannot be sewn with needles. Otherwise, it is likely to cause greater problems with the raincoat.

Post time: Dec-08-2020